Foresight diving

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When starting a new project it is useful if not mandatory to initialize a technical/business foresight to identify what is the state of art, who are the competitors, who is publishing onto the topic, where you are in the jungle indeed …
This note is shared to help you setup an effective foresight environment.

Swim suite

  • A new gmail account (I usually create email like:
  • A new twitter account (use the fresh email address)
  • Tweetdeck
  • Onenote (always)

Open the information flow

Go to  and start to add new alerts with relevant keywords and leave the default options. Don’t hesitate to be versatile you will add and remove them on the flight.
Go to the chrome Tweetdeck application and configure it with the email to use. Then use the search feature with the keywords you identified and follow all the people who seem relevant about the topic. Try also to identify the hash codes and add them as new Search column.
tweetdeck in action

Dive often

Within Onenote, use quality tags in order to mark each useful information you decide to keep track of.
I use those following:
Then create an Info note which store your credentials and how you decide to work with it.

Each week, create a new note and set it as a subpage of the Info note. I use a basic naming rule : 12W08 stands for 2012 8th week  and I usually put newer week on top.
Each time the information shower brings you intersting resources, copy the title (onenote adds automatically the source link)

and put important info bellow. Then evaluate the quality of the information using one of the tags above.

When you want to share you result just filter tags for the page group under the Overview note. The result will be ordered from the more important to the less but still as you decide to mention it.
use tag summary to sort by priority

Download the resulting summary.

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