DSL Tools Frozen, MMF warming up

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Hey ho, snow has fallen.
And unfortunately, if many people think that one can find many coders with mittens at Microsoft, they are not in the visual studio team.
Indeed, as some of us noticed, the lastly named Visual Studio Visualization and Modeling SDK (was DSL SDK) has been frozen.
One of previous winters, Norwegian Vikings helped going through winter. From Oslo, they have managed to reach west coast (PDC’08) before the cold.
It seems that the end of a world has been reached and no major improvements or new features are to be found in the latest version of DSL SDK.

Current functional scope seems rich enough to satisfy Entity Framework Designer, and others homemade tools.

We can take for granted that in short to mid-term, odds to see improvements in multiple views diagrams, wpf support, new diagramming surface are close to null.

Therefore we have decided to launch our own dsl tooling. We started many prototypes.
To conclude this post with not only words, here is a video on a design surface we find promising (rehostable designer, diagram item filtering…).

If you are interested in this project, don’t hesitate to contact us (robert.johnson [at] mexedge.com).

Pictures are taken from a the verge article and a fan art

Diagramming surface prototype was built with telerik’s raddiagram component.

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